Monday, July 14, 2008

Spy Vs. Spy Post-Party Press Release

Busan’s party people came out in mass to the June 28 charity fundraiser event Spy Vs. Spy at Club Fabric in Kyungsung. Over 150 people gathered to raise money for the Sung Ae Won Home for Children, a Busan orphanage located in Oncheonjang. Organized by the newly formed, and appropriately named, Foreign FUN(d)Raisers, the event raised over 1.5 million won for charity.
Spy Vs. Spy was held in conjunction with the outdoor water-gun game Busan Assassin, in which over 60 participants roamed the Busan streets shooting one another. There were many aquatic slayings, and several winners emerged after the final shoot-em-up occurred in Seomyeon on June 28, with awards being given at the Spy Vs. Spy party. First place went to David Price and Audrey DeBoer, while second place went to Amber Acheson. The “top police officer” was Kevin Smith, and Nayoung Kim won the “most imaginative kill” for impersonating an angry gas collector.
In addition to the Busan Assassin awards show, Spy Vs. Spy also had a raffle and a date auction to maximize the charitable donations. Over 300 raffle tickets were sold, and with over 50 prizes there were a lot of happy winners. Sponsors for the raffle were: PS Korean (Kyungsung & PNU), KLIFF (PNU & Haeundae), Taco Family (Kyungsung), Kebapistan (PNU), 39 Bar (PNU), ex-pat cartoonist Alex Major, and the host venue Club Fabric (Kyungsung). The top prize, donated by Busan Assassin organizer Kevin Manley, was a deluxe night’s stay at the Westin Chosun Hotel at Haeundae Beach. Haejin Gil was the lucky winner! The date auction featured over 10 volunteers who got auctioned off to the highest bidder. All night DJ Anderson played dance and club music, with the dance-floor packed until past 6am.
The next weekend, on July 6, Foreign FUN(d)Raisers organized a trip to the orphanage to donate the money and spend some quality time with the orphans. Over 20 volunteers met to spend a few hours of fun playing with the children. Currently Sung Ae Won provides for 73 children, all 5 years and younger, and many of the 5-year-olds attend kindergarten as well.
Spy Vs. Spy / Busan Assassin was a definite success, as was its predecessor the Busan Beer Olympics, held in early April. More events are currently in the works, with the focus being on simultaneously offering a fun party opportunity while raising a lot of money for charity. If you would like to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact Foreign FUN(d)Raisers!

For more information:
Foreign FUN(d)Raisers: or (English)
Sung Ae Won Home for Children: (Korean)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busan Assassin & Spy Vs. Spy THANK YOU

Just wanted to say: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming to Spy Vs. Spy - we raised over 1.4 million won from the party for Sung Ae Won!

HaeJin won the raffle grand prize - a night at the Westin Chosun - so congratulations to her!

Hopefully no new orphans will result from the highly successful date auction :-)

Thanks to everyone that participated in the auction - you all did fantastic and raised a lot of money with your sexy selves, thanks to all the people that bought piles of raffle tickets, and thanks to everyone behind the scenes: Anderson, Blaise, Liz, Nayoung, Rachel, and of course KEVIN for putting the whole Busan Assassin event together!

The Busan Assassin event also ended well, with a rainy shootout in Seomyeon and a tie for first place! More details on all the official winners will appear shortly. Thanks to everyone that played, your schools are probably happy that the game's over - no more water guns in the work place!

Be on the lookout for Foreign FUN(d)Raisers next wild event, when we've finally recovered from this one!

Hope everyone had a memorable night,


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Busan Assassin

Here's the Press Release for Busan Assassin:
For further explanation, we encourage you to watch our informational video:

Foreigners "Kill" For Charity

At the end of June, the Busan streets will be filled with crazed foreigners, set on vengeance at all costs. Secretive assassins will roam the city, searching for their next hit without remorse. Fortunately, it won't be blood that will be spilt, but water!To raise money for a local orphanage, the Sung Ae Won Home for Children, a unique event has been organized. "Busan Assassin" will run from June 18 to June 28, culminating in an awards show/party/final fundraiser event at Club Fabric, located in Kyungsung.

The object of the game is simple, kill or be killed, using water pistols as the primary weapon. Each participant will be given the name of their single target, as well as information regarding their whereabouts. They will then have to track them down, and slay them using their water pistol. Once accomplished they'll inherit their initial target's would-be victim, and the game continues until a final champion emerges. There will also be a "police force" to regulate the game rules, as well as to pursue slothful assassins. Workplaces (given that most participants will be English teachers) are off limits, and restaurants and bars will be as well, to protect the innocent!

Busan Assassin" is the second in a series of events aimed to raise funds for the orphanage, while also involving foreigners more directly in the Korean life that all-to-often only exists around them. The first event, "Busan Beer Olympics," was held Saturday, April 5, and raised almost 900,000 won from entry fees, donations, and commemorative t-shirt sales. The second aims to be bigger and better, not only in terms of entertainment (hopefully for spectators as well as participants), but also in regards to the money collected for the orphanage.

For more information, to become a participant, or to make a donation, please contact, or Kevin Manley at 010-3590-3009.


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Busan Assassin event:
Spy Vs. Spy party:

More information to come very, very soon!

Foreign Fun(d)Raisers

This is the homepage of a foreigners charity organization located in Busan, South Korea. We are primarily focused on fundraising for the Sung Ae Won Home for Children (, a local orphanage.
Our first event, Busan Beer Olympics, was held on April 5, 2008, at Neo Starface in Haeundae. We raised almost 900,000 won ($900) through team participation fees, t-shirt sales, and general donations. Our second event, Busan Assassin, will take place from June 18-28, 2008, culminating in an awards show/party/final fundraiser event at Club Fabric in Kyungsung on June 28.